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BSR History

Sustainability of Best Seller Rank dynamics: timing and position are shown in the chart for each ASIN by date.

Keyword Position

Product keyword ranking: keyword ranks are shown in the table for each ASIN and its keywords.

Review Cheating

Review history and authenticity: reviews count and product rating are shown in the chart for each ASIN by date and quantity.

Inventory Rate / Price history

The chart for each ASIN by date shows how the price was changing and when Amazon or 3d party sellers were stockouts.

Profit analytics

Profit analytics: sales, margin, ROI, and other metrics for Amazon business and each product.

Refund Rate

Refund analytics: quantity and reason of refunds are shown in the pie chart for the store as a whole and each product, with a refund rate %

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Easy&Fast Package
Inventory Rate + Review Cheating + BSR History + Keyword Position. No need for seller account integration, just Amazon store link.
processing time

72 hours

Adavanced Package
Inventory Rate + Review Cheating + BSR History + Keyword Position + Profit Analytics + Refund Rate. Needs for seller account integration.
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Custom package
All in/depth analytical information down to each ASIN. No need for seller account integration, just Amazon link.

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Find out how healthy is Amazon store you are going to buy. Get all your key business metrics valuated fast and easily. No need to access for Amazon account.

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Frequently asked questions

The essential steps to put Amazon business for sale are as follows:

Step 1. Comprehensive business audit

Your business data analytics is evaluated, overall audit business is made. The best offer is provided. The business price estimation comes with an average valuation multiplier of 2,5 to 4,5.

Step 2. Due diligence

The buyer estimates the main Amazon business metrics, manufacturer base, marketing indicators, and risk factors.

Step 3. Legal documents

All necessary legal documents are concluded.

Step 4. Deal closing and fund transfer

The deal to sell your Amazon business is done and money is transferred to your account.

With SageFund, the average deal closing time to put your FBA business for sale is 1 months.

Creating an Amazon storefront is a time- and effort-consuming process. Instead of spending this time finding out how to start a successful Amazon business from scratch, you can buy, improve and scale an already existing business. Very often, with an essential capital influx, it will develop rapidly and bring tremendous profit, if you made the right choice for the deal. Buying a successful Amazon business means that you are already on top of some risks. These are. For example, bad product selection, wrong profit margin, poor supplier chain, wrong marketing strategy, etc. All these are the risks of failure at the first stage of building the storefront. If you buy one, you don’t have these risks – your task is to improve, scale, and develop already existing sales processes. If you have any skills, knowledge, or other tools you can use to boost sales, you can apply them to an already existing business. For example, if you are a successful influencer promoting kitchenware, with 2 mln subs to your YouTube channel, you can buy a kitchenware store and bring your fans to your listing.

For the seller who thinks about selling his business, the major concern is to ensure that he gets the best proposal, both from the price and reliability angles. To make sure that the offer you get from the buyer is really the one matching your store's worth, it is a good idea to valuate your business and see how to deal with the weak points, if the valuation shows them. If you want to receive a qualified valuation about how much your business is worth, it’s better to address one of the companies, such as SageFund, that can help you with the sales.

The advantages are that you will be connected with the top business buyers, save time, and get the fair offer. Also, you will avoid unnecessary risks.

You can also consider one of the marketplaces selling e-commerce businesses, but there is always a riskthat you will not get the fair price.

If you plan to buy Amazon FBA business, or want to sell it, and find out how to maximize its value, it’s a good idea to make its audit.

In order to understand how much is the Amazon FBA business worth, you need to consider a lot of factors influencing the real value of Amazon business. These are, for example, the age and consistency of the business; the business’s net profit; the type of Amazon business; etc. If you want to receive a qualified valuation about how much the business is worth, it’s better to address f brokerage company that can help you with the purchase.

To understand, how profitable and efficient is the business you aim at buying, you need to perform a comprehensive audit to buy an ecommerce business. You need to analyze the business’s BSR history, profit analytics, inventory rate, perform review cheating checkup, refund rate, keyword ranking, etc. The audit will show the business’s real value, bottlenecks, and growth points.

An Amazon business purchase is very similar to buying any other business, with the difference that Amazon has a number of very specific sales metrics, influencing the value when the investor seeks to buy Amazon business. The process includes looking for a deal; comprehensive business process audit; due diligence; legal documents; deal closing and fund transfer.

It is highly recommended that you conclude a deal through a professional broker, especially if you aim to buy Amazon fba business worth several millions. You will save time, money, and minimize risks. Professionals will help you with negotiations and audits.

We are professionals in the Amazon business, and we know what creates value in the marketplace to maximize profit. We will analyze a business’s BSR history, profit analytics, inventory rate, perform review cheating checkup, refund rate, keyword ranking, etc. The efficiency of these key metrics is the basis for the valuation of the business you are going to acquire.

If you are thinking of buying your Amazon business and don’t know where to start, SageGroup is here to help you. We will find the best deal for you in a short time, perform a comprehensive audit, and take care of the deal. You are welcome to contact us now.