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SageAudit part of SageGroup

SageAudit is a SageGroup’s company, a prodigious Amazon business ecosystem. We know how Amazon marketplace functions from the bottom to the top, and from the startup to the point of sales. Thus, we are the great choice to help you acquire business fast, flexible, and on the best terms.SageGroup combines solutions for different areas of Amazon business, including SageSeller - software, SageFund - broker, and SageAudit - solutions for Amazon roll-up companies.

Illia Cheherst

Founder & CEO

In 2019, Sage Seller's CEO and founder Illia Cheherst got feedback from sellers on how difficult it is to manage and grow Amazon business. After 10 years of software experience, he gathered a professional team, helping Amazon sellers in all ways: to grow, optimize, and sell their business if they wish, when it matures.

During two years, SageGroup has developed three services for Amazon businesses, and we are planning to launch four more in the near future. We are growing very fast and strive to create a service for sellers to find simple solutions to their complex problems, via our Amazon ecosystem.

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